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This guide covers how to create and upload a graphic design for use in a Mailjoy letter campaign.

Tip: If you're working with a graphic designer, send them this guide. They'll know what to do.

Mailer template

First, make sure you've downloaded the template if you haven't already. Mailjoy letters are 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper inserted inside of a double window envelope.

Key terms

  • Safe size - To ensure no text is cut off, we cite a safe size so that the text doesn't run to the edge.
  • Envelope windows - The first page of a letter must contain the sender address and recipient. These elements are visible in the envelope's windows.


At the current time, we only support single page letter designs.

Direct mail letter template

Direct mail letter example

Dimensions & exporting

Actual size 8.5" x 11"
Safe size 8.4375" x 10.9375"

Only designs exported as a PDF can be uploaded. This is different than postcard campaigns which do accept image uploads.

  • Generated PDF's need to be be PDF/A compliant.
  • Make sure all non-standard fonts are embedded

Uploading a design

To upload a design, you'll need to select Upload a design as your desired template. You can find this template under the Other category in template selection. In this template, the majority of the functionality of our self-service design tool is not available. This means all elements of your design only come from what you upload.

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