Create beautiful postcard and letter designs with our drag and drop editor

A simple to use direct mail design tool helps you easily create custom postcard and letter designs. Mailjoy offers a wide range of customizable postcard templates and letter templates to get you started. If you already have a pre-made design, you can easily upload that too.

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Manage contacts and build mailing lists

Easily import and manage contacts, as well as create mailing lists in Mailjoy. Group your contacts into different mailing lists or create smart segments to create precisely targeted campaigns.

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Personalize every mailer with your data

You already send personalized emails, and now you can do it with mail too. With Mailjoy, any data you upload for your contacts can be used in your mailer design. Include things like names, custom urls, discount codes, product names, property values, or any data you have.

Preview and perfect campaigns before they're mailed

Our live preview tool lets you see how each mailer in your campaign will look before it's printed and mailed. View a PDF proof of your design and then share it with colleagues in seconds.

Track delivery status and conversions

Watch the delivery status of each mailer as your campaign reaches mailboxes across the country. See real-time results come in with conversion tracking so you know exactly who engaged with your postcards.

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Mail your first postcard or letter campaign in minutes

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