Add contacts and organize them into mailing lists

Import contacts -- i.e. customers, members, prospects, etc -- into your contacts database and then group them into specific mailing lists for use in precisely targeted campaigns.

Manage contacts and view their mailing history

Mailjoy provides a CRM for your contacts that's optimized for mail. Easily edit your contacts, manage their mailing list memberships, and see their full mailing history. Keep track of everything from the number of times you've mailed them to the date of when you last mailed them.

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Easily import or sync your contacts

Adding contacts is as easy as just uploading a CSV file with their data, setting up an integration through Zapier, or syncing via our API. You can also add individual contacts on the fly.

Validate addresses before mailing

Contacts you add will have their addresses validated by USPS to improve deliverability. If an address is potentially problematic, we'll let you know so can fix it.

Enhance your contacts with their data

Go beyond just names and addresses. Provide contacts' emails to link them to other platforms. Also, include any data you want about each contact as custom fields and then use it to personalize their postcards.

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