Mailjoy always includes for free

  • Simple drag-and-drop letter and postcard designer
  • Dozens of letter and postcard templates to customize
  • Unlimited personalization per mailer
  • Live design preview and PDF proofs
  • Effortless contact importing
  • Mailing list management and validation
  • Delivery and conversion tracking

Mail a campaign in minutes. No minimums.

Upgrade to a credit plan to save more

Credit plans are currently only available for postcards

Postcard size

4" x 6" 11" x 6"
Monthly credits
150 500 1,000 2,500
$128/month $415/month $800/month $1,925/month $218/month $715/month $1,400/month $3,375/month

which is equivalent to

$.85 per postcard $.83 per postcard $.80 per postcard $.77 per postcard $1.45 per postcard $1.43 per postcard $1.40 per postcard $1.35 per postcard

You'll save 5.6% vs pay as you go

You'll save 7.8% vs pay as you go

You'll save 11.1% vs pay as you go

You'll save 14.4% vs pay as you go

You'll save 3.3% vs pay as you go

You'll save 4.7% vs pay as you go

You'll save 6.7% vs pay as you go

You'll save 10% vs pay as you go

Contact us for plans larger than 2,500 credits

Commonly asked questions

How does pricing work?

You can either use Mailjoy for free and just pay as you go, or upgrade to a credit plan which includes a monthly allocation of mailer credits.

What's the difference between postcards and letters?

Postcards are our cheapest mailer type and are perfect for marketing as their message is immediately visible. Letters are our newest mailer type. They come stuffed inside of an envelope. Currently, we only support single page letters.

How do mailer credits work?

Mailer credits are unique to each mailer type. Depending on which credit plan you select, a certain amount are included each month. Unused credits in a month rollover to your next month.

What if I want to cancel a credit plan?

You can cancel at any time. When you do, any unused mailer credits for that mailer type will expire so be sure to use them before cancelling.

How do you compare to a traditional print shop?

Mailjoy is built for today's marketers who want a powerful self-service tool to design, mail, and track personalized postcards and letters. You have full control over everything and our feature set makes sending mail as easy and personalized as email marketing.

Can you send me a sample?

Because Mailjoy is self-service and so simple to use, we don't send samples. Sign up for Mailjoy for free and create a sample campaign to send to yourself in a matter of minutes.

What if I'm on a credit plan and need more mailer credits before my plan renews?

You can renew your plan early to get more credits or simply pay for the difference at our pay as you go price when ordering a campaign. Credits you get through a plan are always at a lower price than our pay as you go pricing.

"Mailjoy is a great, easy to use, and affordable tool. For an association of our size, it's the perfect tool for sending mail to our members."

Mark Carpenter, Marketing @ Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

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