Additional features that give you mail superpowers

Mailjoy Pro provides even more powerful features to help you make the most of postcard marketing. These features make sending mail as personalized and smart as email marketing.

Mailjoy Pro is currently only available for postcards

Segment your contacts to create precisely targeted campaigns

Use your contacts' data and mailing activity to automatically create segments that you can use in your campaigns. Create segments for recent birthdays, new customers, customers you haven't mailed in awhile, and even contacts in specific geographical areas.

Segment your Direct Mail Contacts

Personalize with images

Make your postcards even more relevant by personalizing images for each recipient.

Personalize your Direct Mail Postcards

Connect Mailjoy to your other apps

Mailjoy integrates with 2,000+ apps through Zapier so you can automate your workflow. Sync contacts, build mailing lists, get notified for conversions, and more. For developers, there's also a powerful API to integrate Mailjoy into your own tools and workflows.

Connect Mailjoy to other services using Zapier

Access detailed campaign reporting

Advanced campaign reporting lets you see exactly who converted in your campaigns. You can even get notified and automate a followup action when a conversion occurs with our Zapier integration.

Access detailed direct mail campaign reporting

Use a CRM designed just for mail

Manage all of your contacts and their addresses. Organize contacts into mailings lists and view a full mailing history for each one of them.

Manage your direct mail contacts using our CRM

Manage mail as a channel

Mailjoy provides a single view of all mail campaigns you've sent. Share upcoming campaign designs with colleagues. Export all of your data at any time.

Manage all of your direct mail campaigns in one place

Receive postcard credits each month

Each month we'll deposit new postcard credits into your account for you to use in your campaigns. The larger the plan you select, the cheaper each postcard is. Unused postcard credits even roll over each month.

Mailjoy Pro plans are based solely on how many credits you want each month

Each postcard size offers its own plan









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