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Easily import your mailing list. We even validate addresses with USPS.

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Maximize responses by personalizing each mailer with any kind of data you import.

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We provide delivery tracking so you know when each mailer arrives.

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We print and mail with First Class postage within two business days.

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Mailjoy is the savvy real estate agent's preferred tool to drive more listings and sales. Simply design a postcard and define your mailing list — either with a list you upload or an area you want to target - with our self-service tool. We’ll then print and mail your postcards within 48 hours.

Send real estate marketing postcards

Postcards are an effective way to reach a wide audience, attract potential clients, and boost your real estate business. From choosing the right design to understanding when and how to mail them out, Mailjoy simplifies the process of creating and utilizing real estate direct mail postcards.

Set Your Marketing Goals in Advance

Before getting started with your direct mail postcard, it’s important to set clear and specific goals. This will help you identify who to target and how to craft your message. Do you want to generate leads or promote a specific listing? Are you looking to obtain new clients or retain current ones? Setting realistic and achievable goals in advance makes it easier and more organized when creating your postcards.

Choose the Right Message and Design

Selecting the right message and design for your postcards is essential to reaching your real estate marketing goals. Your message should be concise, informative, and intriguing to ensure maximum impact.

Additionally, choose a design that matches your brand’s look and colors in order to make a lasting impression. Make sure it also grabs attention quickly by using eye-catching graphics and photos that represent your business.

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Use Variable Data Printing for Personalization

One way to make sure your postcard stand out and get noticed is by using variable data printing. This technology allows you to customize each postcard with information such as the recipient’s name or address, giving it a more personal touch. Variable data printing also makes it easier to track response rates and measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

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Common Postcard

Gain Trust with a Personal Introductory Message

Start by introducing yourself to potential customers and include a personal message. People like to know who they are communicating with and let them know you’re a credible source. A personal message can also help to create an emotional connection between the recipient and your brand. Think of it as the beginning of a relationship - you want them to feel comfortable turning to you the next time they need real estate advice or services.

Create Uniquely Designed Postcards

Personalization takes your real estate postcards to the next level. With variable data printing, you can customize postcard content to match your audience’s demographic, interests, and needs. You can also create postcards in a range of sizes and shapes, add images, text and design elements that are tailored to each recipient’s needs. Every recipient will get an individualized message written just for them—making it more likely that they’ll be engaged and respond to your call-to-action.

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Include Short, Concise Calls-to-Action

When mailing real estate postcards, remember to include a short, specific call-to-action. Your recipient should know what they're expected to do next —and they shouldn’t be overwhelmed by too many options. Aim for one main goal per postcard and use concise phrases that encourage recipients to take the desired action. Offer incentives such as discounts or exclusive offers in exchange for taking action, as well! This can help increase motivation—ensuring that more people will follow through with your requested actions.

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Showcase Local Market Conditions and Expertise

Use your direct mail campaigns to inform potential customers of typical local market conditions, discuss current trends, and provide expert insight. Doing so will help give recipients a better understanding of the real estate market, confirm the benefits of working with you, and show them the value of your services. Make sure to research your target recipient’s area and tailor your messages specific to their needs. You can also include real-life examples that demonstrate how you have helped customers in similar situations successfully.

Track your real estate direct mail campaign

Track your Results with Metrics

Once your postcards are mailed, it’s critical to track the results. Mailjoy helps you monitor conversions, response rates and website visits to help you measure how effective the campaign was. Follow up with leads or clients who responded directly to the postcard. Keeping track of metrics not only allows you to identify what works and repeat successful methods but also eliminate ineffective strategies. That way, you can tweak and optimize future campaigns with confidence.

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How do you compare to a traditional print shop?

No mystery pricing that requires a quote. No design fees. No list cleanup fees. No setup fees. We just charge a simple flat rate per mailer that includes everything.

Is all functionality included?

Yes! The Mailjoy platform and its functionality are free to use. We only charge you per mailer when you're ready to send off a campaign.

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Your campaign is shipped within two business days. For targeted campaigns, it'll arrive 2-4 business days later.

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We only print high quality, full color postcards. You have full design control over the front and back. Available in multiple sizes.

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