A complete postcard marketing solution

Mailjoy is a DIY direct mail tool to help you effortlessly incorporate mail into your marketing. If you already do email marketing, you know how to use Mailjoy. We offer all of the features you'd expect for email, but made them optimized for print and offline channels. You can use it to quickly send off occassional postcard campaigns or sync it with your existing tools to make mail an ongoing part of your marketing.

Features that make direct mail easy and effective

Mailjoy is a DIY tool with features that make postcard marketing similar to email marketing. Create mailing lists, design personalize postcards with your own data, preview in browser, and track the results. You can even integrate Mailjoy with other tools via Zapier or our API.

Professionally printed. Mailed fast.

Beyond powerful tools to create direct mail campaigns, we professionally print each postcard on 120lb paper with full color on both sides (UV coated front). Each postcard is mailed within two business days via First Class postage to ensure delivery occurs within 4-6 business days of ordering. We currently offer two postcard sizes.

"We needed a cost-effective, self-service tool to send personalized mail to our customers. With Mailjoy, I can do all of this and more by myself in less than five minutes per campaign. We now handle the majority of our mail through Mailjoy."

Conrad Magalis, Marketing manager at Advance Accept

Send a campaign of any size in minutes

Mailjoy has no volume minimums so you can precisely segment your mailing lists to test any number of campaign ideas -- be it five recipients or ten thousand. Pricing is only based on mailer volume so we can scale with your needs.

We're here to help you become a direct mail pro

We provide detailed guides on a range of topics to help you become a direct mail marketing pro. We genuinely care about your success which is why we focus on providing amazing, prompt support whenever you need it. We'll even give you feedback on your designs!

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Why Mailjoy

Mail made simple

Design. Target. Send. Mailjoy is completely self-service. Using mail as a marketing channel has never been this simple or data-driven.

Lightning fast turnaround

Your campaign is shipped within two business days. For targeted campaigns, it'll arrive 2-4 business days later.

Scalable, transparent pricing

No pricing surprises. Our mailer costs include print and postage. The more you send, the lower your cost per mailer.

Connect it to your other tools

Mailjoy integrates with Zapier so you can connect it to 750+ other apps. More custom integrations can be created with our powerful API.

Personalize at scale

Targeted campaigns let you personalize each mailer with your own data to make them even more effective.

Multiple campaign type

Either create personalized, targeted campaigns to your contacts or mail entire areas -- no data required -- with local mail.

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