Mailjoy is the modern marketer's approach to mail

Mailjoy is a DIY direct mail platform with the design, list management, and tracking functionality of an email marketing tool. It also integrates with the other marketing tools you use so mail can work in parallel to your other digital channels. Simply design a postcard and define your mailing list — either with a list you upload or an area you want to target. We’ll then print and mail your postcards within two business days.

Mail made simple

Completely self-service. Full color, double-sided postcards. Transparent pricing. Get results fast as we print and mail within two business days

Powerful technology

Features like a design editor, ways to manage and sync mailing lists, integrations, and more help you make mail a scalable new channel


Personalize each postcard with your recipients' data. Track deliveries and conversions in real-time. A/b test campaign ideas.

Use postcards to grow revenue and delight customers

Digital channels are noisey and constantly fight for attention. Mail is an unsaturated channel that until today has been inaccessible or lacked the sophisitication of today's marketers. Mailjoy is the tool to reach customers or prospects with mail that's relavant and timely to them.

An easy, self-service direct mail tool with powerful features

Mailjoy provides a ton of features to help you create mailing lists from your contacts, design beautiful postcards, track the results, and integrate with other tools you already use. Sending a campaign takes only minutes. Use Mailjoy for a single campaign or make it a part of your marketing toolkit.

Two ways to help you market with direct mail

Targeted mail

Create your own mailing list of customers or prospects to send personalized, data-driven postcards that you can track.

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Local mail

Send postcards to all of the residences or businesses in specific zip codes or postal delivery routes -- no recipient data required!

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Happy customers

"We wanted an easy way to send direct mail for our business without having to devote substantial resources towards it. Mailjoy was a perfect fit."
Adam Steinberg, Founder @ Fetch
"We use Mailjoy to send personalized postcards to potential customers. Designing and sending a campaign is incredibly easy. Their customer service is excellent too!"
Eliam Medina, CEO @ Willing

Mail your first postcard campaign in minutes

Unlock a new way to acquire and engage customers