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Letters is our newest campaign type. It's used to send personalized letters to potential or existing customers. You just need to provide a mailing list. The letters are mailed First Class and will arrive within 4-6 business days. Each letter's delivery is tracked and available at any time. Letters are the best way to deliver personalized messages at scale to a list of people. Letters are printed on 8.5" x 11" sized paper and are delivered in a double window envelope. Letters are an alternative mailer type to postcards and offer more privacy for your content since the letters are delivered in an envelope.


These are your campaign basics. Be sure to include your return address in case any of the letters are returned to sender.

Getting started with direct mail letters

Mailing list

Each campaign is sent to your contacts. You can either mail all of your contacts, a manually organized list with specific contacts grouped together, or an automatically created segment with contacts grouped based on criteria you define. Lists are an easy way to manually group contacts and keep track of your mailing campaigns. Segments are a powerful way to group contacts together based on different criteria to send highly targeted campaigns. We provide several easy ways to add and sync your contacts with Mailjoy.

Conversion tracking

If you're directing recipients towards your website, Mailjoy can help you track the results. We're able to report in real-time who visits your site and provide campaign level metrics like conversion percentage. Conversion tracks works by providing each recipient a unique URL that automatically redirects to your site when they visit it.



The design is what your letters will look like. Use our simple drag and drop design editor to customize one of the many free letter templates you can choose from. You can also upload your own design as a PDF.

Designing direct mail letters

Letters you design will be printed and delivered in an envelope that looks like this:

Direct mail letter envelope


Personalization is a highly effective way to connect with your recipients and increase response rates. With Mailjoy, you're able to personalize each letter with any data you upload through the use of merge tags. This could be things like a first name or company, or even more custom like the name of the last product they bought from you. We offer a lot of merge tags by default, but you can also create your own for use in your own designs. Merge tags are in the format {{mergetagname}} such as {{firstname}} would be the first name of the recipient.

Live preview

If you're using merge tags, live preview mode lets you see each recipient's personalized letter. It lets you cycle through all of the recipients in your mailing list and their associated contact data.

Preview your direct mail letters



The finalize page offers a checklist to make sure everything in your campaign is good to go. This is where you'll also see the cost of the campaign.

Finalize your direct mail letter campaign

PDF proofs

When you're ready to order a campaign, be sure to view a PDF proof to ensure everything looks good. You can even share this proof with others. Simply provide their email and we'll automatically send them a link to your design.

See a PDF proof of your direct mail letters


As soon as your campaign is ordered, you'll be able to see reporting on it. This is where you'll be able to monitor its status, track deliveries, view conversions, and reference the design you created.

Track delivery and conversions of your direct mail letters


If you setup conversion tracking for your campaign, this is where you'll be able to view the results. You'll get a live feed and graph of conversion events as they happen.


This is a list of everyone you mailed in the campaign. You can filter it by delivery and conversion status. You can also export all associated campaign data from it too at any time.

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